The electronic catalog instruction

If you want to check availability of books in the library, you can transfer to search of the book you need at once. Authorization is necessary for the order of books. Press the «Enter» (Войти) button in the upper right corner and enter your surname (Фамилия) and seven-digit number of the user card (Номер читательского билета from a bar code) in the drop-down menus. Note that it isn't necessary to enter initials or a name and a middle name completely.










Choose the necessary catalogue in the left column.

Выбор каталога







Главный каталог - The «Main catalogue» filter lets to carry out search in library fund and to order books to the lending department or to reading halls.

Труды преподавателей - Works by professors is the base of bibliographic descriptions of RGGU professors works, a part of which is presented in the RGGU Electronic library. Note that the publications described in this base are present in the library fund not necessarily.

Электронная библиотека - Library provides access to full texts of works of our professors. The resource is completed by articles, methodical textbooks, scientific and training materials.

Тольятти - The Togliatti catalogue is the library fund of RGGU branch in Togliatti town.

ВКР - FQW - the forming catalogue of final qualification works of our university.


You can use three types of search to search books in these catalogues:

"Simple search" - Простой поиск, "Advanced search" - Расширенный поиск and "Search in dictionaries" - Поиск по словарям.

Тип поиска






Simple search

The simple search function lets to look for the document by one or several words.

Простой поиск







Enter a search query and press the «Find» button. You will see the documents list.

Результат поиска








You can find similar documents, mark them for return later or to select for order.


Пункты книговыдачи









Books can be ordered to various points:

АБу - ABu is the lending department (educational literature, they lend books for 1 term).

АБн - ABn is the lending department (scientific literature, they lend books for a 14 days).

To order books for subscription, it is necessary to conclude a Service Agreement for users (readers) in the Information Complex of the RSUH "Scientific Library". Download

Ч/З - Ch/z is the reading room. The book doesn't need to be ordered, it already is in the hall.

Ч/З к/х - Ch/z k/h is the order of the book to the reading room from book depositary.

Мадиатека - Mediatheque is the computer hall (near the reading room)

ЧЗППС - ChzPPS is the reading room for professors

ЧЗППС-КИ - ChzPPS-KI - the book doesn't need to be ordered, it already is in the reading room, office 317

ОРК - ORK - Fund of the rare book, the order for books is filled in the department by hand.

ИВГИ - IVGI - A separate collection, you can work with books in the reading room of IWGI, office171, on weekdays from 11:00 to 18:00.

РГГУ, ИАИ, ФЗИ - RGGU, IAI, FZI are locations of the lending department, reading room and others.


Advanced search

The advanced search function provides to look for the book in various options: the author, title, publishing house, key words, etc.

This search is similar to «Simple search», but here you can set several options at once, using logical operators (signs) OR, And, And NOT.

Расширенный поиск








The sign ИЛИ (OR) provides to output the list of links, containing one of the specified options at least.

The sign И (AND) provides to output the list of the editions containing both specified option.

The sign И НЕ (AND NOT) outputs the list of links, containing the first option, but not including the second one.

Using of these operators limits search and provides the catalogue to select results on inquiry more accurately. Using such filters as Книги (Books), Статьи (Articles) or Искать в найденном (To Look for in found) it is possible to specify inquiry options additionally.


Search in dictionaries

The list of filters on which it is possible to carry out search is provided in the column Словари (Dictionaries). Choose one of them and fill the "Enter a Search Term" field to the left of the Find button.

Поиск по словарям









For a choice of a specific term it is necessary to left-click. It will appear in the Отобранные термы (The Selected Terms column).

The number in the Кол-во (Quantity column) indicate the quantity of books with such name. They can differ by the author, the year of edition and other parameters.
Отобранные термы пример








After the books you need is selected click the Find button (Найти).


The search provides to look for according to several chosen catalogues simultaneously (Сквозной поиск).

These types of search are available in all catalogues.


To pass to the list of the selected books choose the The Selected Books link (Отобранные книги) in the Private office (the lowermost block in the left column).

Отобранные книги




If it is necessary delete unnecessary books (X) and press the Order button (Заказать).

In one or one and a half hours your books will wait for you on the selected lending department or in the reading room. You can have control over the process by the Ordered Books link (Заказанные книги).

Заказ книг







You can define more precisely the day you must give back or prolong using the book in section of the personal office «Given books» any time.

For viewing of the works available online, come into the main catalogue and switch the catalogue choice to the Electronic Library (Электронная библиотека).

Выбор каталога

Find the publication you interested one of ways of search. Link to the resource is located under the description: 


Documents in Electronic library can be read from any computer having connection to the Internet.

Note that downloading of documents from Electronic Library is impossible.