Electronic Resources and Remote Access


Электронный каталог


The eCatalog is the main resource of the scientific library. 

You can:

  • search publications (several catalogues);
  • order books or periodicals from the library collection;
  • get access to a variety of online resources.

The RSUH Electronic Library contains full texts of our faculty members’ publications. This e-resource includes articles, study guides, scientific and education books. You can get aquainted with the catalogues reading the guideline (find out more). 

Базы данных


The Library is particularly focused on electronic acquisitions. We have subscribed and purchased access to a variety of online resources.

Professional Databases (find out more).

Electronic Library Resources (ELR) include scientific and education materials of the leading universities. While using Electronic Library Resources (ELR) you should follow specified procedures. (find out more).

Many companies allow to our Library nonfixed access (trial) to online databases or Electronic Library Resources. You can see the news in the tag trial access.

Президентская библиотека им Б.Н. Ельцина


The Reading Hall of the Scientific Library allows access to the Boris Eltsin President Library. It is a unique collection of archive documents’ electronic copies: primary sources, rare books, photos, video records, music files, geographical maps and other resources from the Russian State Historical Archive, Russian State Library, National Library of Russia as well as local libraries and regional archives.