Electronic Library Resources (ELR)

ELR are online resources containing electronic publications which is available to RSUH on the basis of an agreement with an ELR owner or another supplier.

Electronic Library System znanium.com includes generally books and articles issued by publishing houses conglomerate «ИНФРА-М». There are following publishers: «Альфа-М», «Весь мир», «Вузовский учебник», «ИНФРА-М», «Магистр», «Норма», «РИОР», «Форум», «Энциклопедия». The collection offers access to over 3000 titles of electronic books in mathematics, natural sciences, social sciences, arts and humanities. All the educational and scientific resources were published over the past 10 years.

The users get access to ELR via RSUH electronic library password. You can receive login and password in lending departments and reading halls of RSUH (6 Miusskaya sq.), Institute for History and Archives (15 Nikolskaya str.), Institute for Information Sciences and Security Technologies (25, Kirovogradskaya Str.).



Electronic Library System Лань includes online versions of printed books issued by leading educational publishers as well as scientific journals of first-rate Russian universities.



Electronic Library System ЮРАЙТ offers electronic books and periodicals in justice, economics and others. You can register on any computer in RSUH network and from now get access to the database in remote mode.