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The order of transfer of qualification works to IC "Scientific Library"

Читальный зал для преподавателейThe reading room for professors


Miusskaya Square, 6, room 317

Opening hours: Monday – Friday 10 am–6 pm


The professors reading room of the faculty of RGGU specializes in complex information service of professors and staff of university.

Librarians of the reading room give out books ordered through ChzPPS point, give consulting support in using of bibliographic and full-text databases, realize selection and output of books for requests of professors. The reading room also provides the equipped places for operation with scientific literature and electronic resources.

In the reading room exhibitions of the books provided by various publishing houses for acquaintance and the subsequent acquisition are regularly held. It is possible to get acquainted with the matter in the section "Completing" in more detail.




If you have information about release of new editions of university profile or you have seen the interesting book in bookstore, you can send application to library for acquisition of the edition for library fund.

Samples of requests for educational (in many copies), scientific books and electronic databases are provided on the website.

For registration of the order for educational (in many copies) books which are recommended for using in educational process it is necessary to fill in an application on the form of the established sample and to assure it by signatures of the dean of faculty (the center head) and of the chief of methodical management.

Applications for scientific books are made out on the separate form and certified by the signature of the dean (the center head).

All applications for acquisition of editions in Russian are given in department of domestic completing (room 319). On all questions and with the offers connected with completing please address e-mail: or or phone 8-499-973-40-21.

Applications for acquisition of editions of foreign publishing houses are given in department of foreign literature (room 311, ph. 250-69-45).

The order form for acquisition of educational and educational and methodical editions.doc (rus)

The order form for acquisition of scientific books.doc (rus)

The order form for acquisition of databases.doc (rus)



Antiplagiat program

Each professor can receive own account in "Antiplagiat. VUZ" system. If several professors use the same account, these users can be blocked automaticly as potential robots.
To receive an account it is necessary to send the application to the address

The application has to contain the following information:

1. Faculty

2. Department

3. Discipline

4. Position

5. Surname, name, middle name

6. E-mail in the domain (obligatory)

7. Contact phone of department

Fill all points completely and don't use abbreviations. After the login and the password receiving you can authorize on the website and get to work.

Please note – IC the Scientific library doesn't register users in the Antiplagiat program. If you have any questions, you can address to Management of informatization and information technologies (phone number: 8(495)250-68-70).



Citing indexes

You can see the instruction of science index system operation on the website сайте The instruction is intended for authors of the scientific publications entering the database of the Russian Index of Scientific Citing (RISC). In the instruction it is described the order of regstration as the author and rules of work in the information and analytical SCIENCE INDEX system which represents an analytical superstructure over RISC's. It offers a number of new services for authors, the research and development organizations and scientific publishing houses. In the instruction the algorithm of actions of the author for correction and maintenance of the list of the publications and citings in RISC in an actual status also is described in detail.

The information portal of work on the Web of Science platform in Russian.


Краткие рекомендации для авторов по подготовке и оформлению научных статей в журналах, индексируемых в международных наукометрических базах данных

Авторы-составители: О.В. Кириллова, С.Л. Парфенова, Е.Г. Гришакина, А.В. Кулешова, Е.М. Базанова, Е.Г. Доронина, М.М. Зельдина, К.А. Безроднова при поддержке Ассоциации научных редакторов и издателей.

Под общей редакцией О.В. Кирилловой. М., 2017. 11 c.

Рекомендации.pdf (rus)



Licence agreement

RGGU professors can make a contract on placement of the published work on a resource of Electronic library.

Licence agreement (rus)



The order of transfer of qualification works to IC "Scientific Library"

Regulations (rus)