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ed. by Jeffrey S. Rusten


Thucydides' account of the war between Athens and Sparta is
the first great work of political history and still a fundamental
text for political science and international relations today; it is
also a compelling stoiy, with vivid characters, brilliant strategy
and ideals, and tragic miscalculations. This collection of essays
is designed to accompany, instruct, and stimulate readers of
Thucydides (whether in English or in Greek) by making accessible
some classic and influential studies that are frequently
cited but not always easy to access. (One-third of the essays
appear here in English for the first time.)
Here can be found essays on new directions in the
interpretation of Thucydides (and their attendant dangers),
on his preface, authorial persona, and relation to Herodotus,
the problem of the speeches, his portraits of Pericles and of
Athens, the distortions of political rhetoric in the Mytilinean
debate and its corruption during civil war at Corcyra, the
alleged incompleteness of Book 5, the morality of the Melian
dialogue, and the grand and terrible epic of the Sicilian
expedition; additional essays explore how Thucydides was
read in antiquity, how he influenced Thomas Hobbes, and
how political scientists and international relations theorists
should read him today.
The introduction is new, surveying trends and controversies
among Thucydides' readers chronologically from antiquity
to the present, thematically, and sequentially (book-by-book
through Thucydides' text). A comprehensive bibliography
of Thucydidean studies is arranged by topic, giving priority
to the most recent works, and to those in English.
Jeffrey S. Rusten is Professor of Classics at Cornell University.

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Oxford [etc.] : Oxford Univ. Press, 2009. - IX
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