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Ellington, Lucien


From sushi bars to anime and manga to the enduring mystique of the samurai, many facets of lapanese culture have been popularized around the world. As a major economic force with an important role in globalized commerce, Japan is also an important player on the international scene. This revealing volume offers an authentic and comprehensive portrait of Japan today and illustrates how this island nation of 127 million people continues to exert influence far beyond its borders.
Delving deeper than typical reference books, japan is the ideal guide to Japanese life for students, businesspeople, travelers, and other interested readers seeking more than a casual guide to the people, places, and practices of Japan. Coverage ranges from Japan's history and geography, to its distinctive politics and business practices, to all aspects of its society and culture—including religion, education, women, marriage, language, food, sports and leisure, and artistic achievements. The volume takes the reader behind and beyond stereotypes and generalizations to reveal Japan's uniqueness, creativity, and surprising diversity.
ABC-CLIO's groundbreaking Asia in Focus series explores the region's most intriguing nations, combining fascinating details with an insider's eye for defining characteristics. The series helps students, businesspeople, and travelers understand the richness and complexity of each individual country.
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Santa Barbara ; Denver ; Oxford : ABC-Clio, cop. 2009. - XVI, 463 p.
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Исторические науки